"TAGG" is a original rock band hailing from the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey Area. Ron Tagg is a guitarist, vocalist, and studio maven who writes, produces, records and mixes his songs. A feat not easily done sometimes, but it's something that he has always done since day one of first plugging in his first guitar, a 60's Japan model to 4 boom boxes rigged together and bouncing tapes back and forth. His favorite "deal" then was scraping the strings with a pocket knife with every volume on 10 which sounded like a jet taking off! Making noise seemed to be his forte which continues to this day, like playing the Theremin or his guitar with a drum stick. His latest venture is playing entirely live, two piece, with a full band sound. Which came about when his bassist was injured and was unable to play anymore. It is with just himself and a drummer and a little method he honed called the Phantom bassist. Tagg's love for the song, guitars and tone is deep. Tagg stays true to his craft and he feels music is a voice of self expression and not to be a human juke box. While most of the world spends endless amounts of time looking to what the media tells them is the new rock, Tagg and company will be recording new material, have a batch of great rock songs in hand and be performing a blistering live show!



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